TL Women’s Nine Hole Golf Update

The TL Women’s Nine Hole League had an absolutely perfect day for golf on Tuesday, June 11th. Glorious doesn’t describe it! The ladies played a game called Monkey Golf – each lady played her own game. However, she could only use three clubs of her choice and a putter from tee to green. This made for some strategic decisions at times, with some surprising results along the way. Apparently everyone enjoyed being on the course, regardless of the final scores. 

There was a tie for first place: Peg Akers and Mary Reuscher each scored 56.Second place was taken by Linda Paul at 59. Sharon Hay rounded it out for third place with a score of 60. 

The forecast for next Tuesday calls for – guess what – rain! Let’s hope the weatherman is off track and we get a good day again. 

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