Welcome to the Lake – Landon Hice and Cynthia Kridler

Names : Landon Hice and Cynthia Kridler

Pets/ Kids : 2 kids (Andrew, 16 and Landon Jr. 10) 2 dogs (Mia and Mylo)

What brought us to Treasure Lake? We have been looking for a camp for about 5 months now. We didn’t want to be more than an hour and 1/2 away but everything in that ratio was not what we were looking for. We expanded our search to a couple hours away and ended up finding our dream camp. We knew we wanted to be at Treasure Lake as soon as entered the gates. And the beautiful camper we looked at made it a done deal. 

Where did you move from? We didn’t move, this will be our recreational home

Where are you from originally? Erie, PA

Why did you choose Treasure Lake? It’s gorgeous and the people there are extremely welcoming and friendly

We are super excited to start our new adventure at Treasure Lake. We know we will be enjoying every second. 


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