Amateur Radio Field Day

June 22nd-23rd, 2019

Annually, on the fourth weekend in June, over 35,000 amateur radios operators (Hams) throughout the U.S. and Canada, gather on the air, to operate amateur radio stations from remote locations in an effort to contact and log as many other stations as possible.

Bright and early this year, on June 22nd, the Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club Ham Radio Group will set up amateur radio stations at the Lake Bimini boat launch to participate in the Annual Field Day Event.  The TLSC Ham Radio Group was formed in an effort to develop an independent emergency communications system within and around Treasure Lake and currently has twenty-five licensed and equipped hams.

Field Day is one of several activities conducted by the group to develop and test emergency communication systems that can operate when grid power, internet, and cell phone systems are disabled.

All are invited to stop by and see how hams can communicate with voice, text, and email, around the world without using the internet, cell phones or grid power.   Information about amateur radio, including how you go about getting started, will be available.

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