10 DIY Summer Projects for Kids

School is out! The days are longer and it seems the sun will never go to sleep – especially when it’s past your kids’ bedtimes! To keep your kiddos busy, learning, and hopefully exhausted and ready for bed, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite DIY project to add to your list of activities this summer. Enjoy, and send us pics of your fun!

1. Solar Oven Smores

Save your pizza boxes because DIY Solar Oven S’mores are the perfect STEM activity to celebrate summer! Science + Dessert = Awesome. Experiment with how well it works in the shade vs sun, cloudy days vs sunny days, and time of day. Allow kids to make inferences and experiment on their hypothesis. Maybe they’ll invent an even better oven!

Click HERE for the instructions.

2. Ice Cream in a Bag

Nothing screams summer like a tasty frozen treat! Kids love making ice cream in a bag because they can actually make the ice cream by running around! If you’re lucky, the kids will get worn out making the ice cream, fall asleep and let you eat it all! Experiment with new flavors by adding fruit.

Click HERE for the instructions.

3. Kool-Aid Rock Candy

Making rock candy is a really fun activity for kids that doubles as a great lesson in science. This project requires use of a stove and a parent’s help, in addition to taking TWO WEEKS to fully develop. So start this project with plenty of time left before summer ends. It’s well worth the wait – and the lesson in patience and science!

4. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

This is a fun one for toddlers and preschoolers, although I have to admit I’m sometimes tempted to put my teenager’s cell phone in a block of ice. This project takes a couple days to freeze so plan in advance.

Click HERE for instructions.

5. Epic Bottle Rocket

What is summer without an explosion or two? This is a great activity for older kids to do and younger siblings to stand by and watch. The explosion is powered by a simple baking soda and vinegar solution, demonstrating Newton’s 3rd law of motion!

6. Bead Suncatchers

Growing up I would have made one or more of these for everyone window of the house! Now you can make them! You’ll need plastic pony beads for this project and if you hurry, maybe you’ll be able to catch some on sale at Pat Catan’s for 80% off! If you have an outdoor gas grill, it might be better to make them outside rather than in the oven.

Click HERE for the instructions.

7. Water Shooter

Ok, so this one is more for the parents to build and the kiddos to play with, but any of the PVC projects on this site would be a great summer project for the family.

Click HERE for instructions.

8. DIY Pool Noodle Light Sabers

Grab a few pool noodles from the Dollar Store – add Duct tape & boom: Your kids are entertained for hours!

Click HERE for instructions.

9. Easy Outdoor Movie Screen

Transform your typical movie night by taking it outside! This DIY outdoor movie screen is a great summertime craft—and it’s super simple to make. It’s also easy to hang up and store when not in use.

Click HERE for instructions.

10. DIY Smart Phone Projector

What use is an outdoor movie screen if you don’t have a projector? Here’s a cheap and easy way to make your own projector using dollar store items and a shoe box!

Click HERE for instructions.

Most of all, have fun this summer making memories with your family!

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