‘What I Love About Treasure Lake’ Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations and great job to all our participants in the “What I love about Treasure Lake” contest! Participants and their winning entries are listed below. Each winner will receive a gift card for free ice cream to Meadow’s Frozen Custard in DuBois.

Yellow Firework in the Sky 
Reagan Lindmar, age 3
Jeremiah Frazier, age 6
I love Treasure Lake because we have fun playing.
Autumn Porada, age 6
Nora Judeich age 7
Cassidy Lindmar, age 7
The Beach
by Toryn Muth, age 9
I ‘heart’ the beach.
It’s nicer than a juicy peach.
The beach is the place to go
with fun flying to and fro.
The beach is nice
and has no mice!

What I like most about Treasure Lake is going to the beach and the pool. I like to swim and play Marco Polo at the beach and the pool. I also like to play in the sand at the beach. Plus at the pool sometimes there’s movie nights. My favorite thing to do is swim.
Erin Lindmar, age 9

What I Love About Treasure Lake
by Grant Zabrosky, age 10
What I love about Treasure Lake is the fishing, swimming, and the bike riding. All these make Treasure Lake so fun.
I have a boat and a camp at Treasure Lake. When we go fishing I catch bass, perch, pike, bluegill and sometimes crappie. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.
The Lake is so clean on hot days. I love to go for a swim in it. Every now and then I go swimming at the pool. It’s always a great time.
I have my own kayak. I enjoy using it at Bimini. I go in and out of all the coves. I appreciate all the sights when I’m out there.
I love all things at Treasure Lake, it makes my summer fantastic. Treasure Lake rocks!

Memories of Treasure Lake by Lily Porada, age 10

All the memories I like to make,
Happen right here at Treasure Lake.
I got to fish with my pap,
And at the beach we took a nap.

I like to go swimming at the pool,
And play with my friends and I think it’s cool.
My family and I like to go on walks,
And when we do we have great talks.

I’ve never seen so many does,
Since moving out here just over a year ago.
I’ve seen bears and foxes too,
If you don’t bother them they won’t bother you.

These are the memories I have of Treasure Lake,
So you should come out and visit for goodness sakes!

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  1. Congratulations to all! What a great idea. And always wonderful to be reminded, why we as adults love Treasure Lake!

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