Welcome to the Lake – Dan and Shaina Brocious

Names: Dan and Shaina Brocious 

Pets/Kids: no pets (sadly our beloved 11 year old lab just passed away about a month ago) 3 kids: Grant 7 soon to be 8, Joey 4, Sophie 15 months. 

What brought you to Treasure Lake? Dan is the technology director at DuBois School and wanted to be closer to work. 

Where did you move from? Limestone (near Clarion)

Where are you from originally? Shaina: Brookville  Dan: Clarion-Limestone area 

Why did you choose Treasure Lake? or What are you looking forward to most living here? We choose TL because we have been camping there the last few years and just loved our time there. We look forward to a fun summer at the beach and pool! 

Anything else you’d like to share with us? I am currently a stay at home mom and would love to connect with other moms with kiddos around the same age. Our oldest son is 7 and excited to move but very sad to leave behind his friends so I would love for him to be able to meet some kids who may be classmates. He will be going to Oklahoma Elementary in the fall and be in second grade. 

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