Treasure Lake Security Guard Assaulted

According to a GM update posted to Treasure Lake property owners on the VisitTreasureLake website, a Treasure Lake security guard was physically assaulted last weekend. According to the post the assailant got away and they do not have information to further the investigation.

“Almost on a daily basis, our officers are on the receiving end of verbal attacks simply for doing their job.  Their primary mission is to keep Treasure Lake residents safe and be our first line of defense when things go wrong.  Our officers are professional and courteous and we should respect and appreciate them and the job they do for us,” Ed Clark, Treasure Lake general manager, explained. “I ask that we all do our part in being respectful if or when the time comes that we have to interact with one of our officers.”

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  1. It is absolutely ridiculous that the security people are treated so disrespectfully. Physically assaulting one of them? Not right. I can understand if you feel like you did nothing wrong, and they are not “real cops”, but fight it out in court. Don’t physically attack them. You are not an animal. My second point is just like with “real cops” being disrespected and called names, who would be the first phone call you would make if you were in trouble or your family was threatened? That’s right. You’d call security because they could be there within minutes and they are there to protect you.

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