TL Nine Hole League Results

Tuesday, the ladies played Bingo, Bango, Bingo.  Each golfer plays her own ball and one point each is awarded for: first ball on the green, ball closest to the hole, and first putt made. A player can possibly win three points on each green.

The weather cooperated, and all the ladies enjoyed playing this game
Carol Prance and Mary Reuscher tied with the high score of 10.

Congratulations, Ladies! Your prize will be waiting for you next Tuesday.
There were five 9s, one 8, one 7, three 6s, and two 5s. 

Next week the game is a Shamble (four person team).  Each player tees off and the best drive is selected. From that point each golfer plays her own ball. It’s a fun game!

BTW,  it’s hard to believe, but we are beyond half way through the season! 
Have a great week!

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