This Day in Treasure Lake July 1975 – Treasure Lake, DuBois Silver Golf Course in Final Construction Stage

Reprinted from the Treasure Chest September-October 1975

A new home on Treasure Lake Road at the DuBois site gets a water and sewer hook-up recently from the Treasure Lake crew.

Treasure Lake, DuBois, July – August

ROADS – Hastings, Crooked Island, and portions of Carribean and Treasure Lake Roads and Swashbuckle Court totaling about 5.4 miles have been fine graded and seal coated. Road production also included clearing and stumping of 8,500 lineal feet, and grading of 12,000 lineal feet.

SILVER GOLF COURSE – The irrigation system has been installed and is functioning. All tees and greens have been rough graded and built. The golf course crew will fine grade the fairways, tees, and greens in preparation for seeding holes two through eight. Holes nine through 18 are being maintained by grass mowing crews. The driving range and pro shop parking area have been cleared.

BEACH – The Bimini Lake beach area on the east side of the dam has been cleared.

COUNTRY CLUB TENNIS COURTS – Construction will begin shortly on four tennis courts adjacent to existing courts at the Country Club.

STABLES SHOW RING – The 50,000 sq ft show ring and fence at the Riding Stables are complete.

ENTRANCE SIGN – A new entrance sign designed by D. Palombo Associates has been installed at the site.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL HOME BUILDING AND HOUSE PLAN APPROVAL – The Environmental Control Committee has approved 50 sets of house plans since September 1974. To date, the Committee has approved 314 sets of house plans.

WATER SYSTEM – Thirty miles of water line service 186 homes and all major amenities.

SEWER SYSTEM – Currently, 20 miles of sewer line have been installed at the site. The central sewer system services 105 homes and all major amenities.

SERVICE TAP-INS – Treasure Lake forces continue to make service taps to both the water and sewer systems. To be eligible for a service tap, a home owner must sign a registration form and pay the required tap-in fee.

SEWAGE HOLDING TANKS – The new procedures for pumping sewage holding tanks are proving successful. Tanks are pumped Monday through Friday during normal working hours and on Saturdays until noon. Tanks are not pumped evenings or between Saturday noon and Monday morning. Service is guaranteed by notifying the Environmental Control Department prior to noon on a given day. A $25 fee is charged to answer any emergency pumping calls during off-hours. Payment can be arranged annually or quarterly in advance.

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