Welcome to the Lake – Selfridge Family

Names: Dean & Kate Selfridge

Kids: 2 – Kian (5) Kennedy (4)

Pets: Dog (American Brittany) name Cabela

What brought us: Resort style property with lakes and outdoor activities.

Where did we move from: We still currently live in Butler, PA.  Kate works for a law firm in Pittsburgh, while I work for the City of Butler Fire Department full time and I work part-time as a director for the City of Butler Parks Recreation Grounds and Facilities Authority. 

Where are we from originally:  I am born, raised and still living in Butler, PA, while Kate is from Sykesville, PA.

Why did we choose Treasure Lake:  Kate and myself enjoy the outdoors and all the recreation that comes with it.  We enjoy camp life as we also have property over in Elk County, PA and after purchasing our first boat we felt like we needed to find a place to keep it and dock it.  With Kate being from the area, she spent time in TL with friends and family.  Kate told me stories about the Ski Lodge, lake and outdoor activities when she used to visit there.  So learning of Treasure Lake for myself, Kate and I took several trips to TL with our kids.  After visiting and seeing what there is to offer, we immediately starting looking at places for sale.  With us enjoying camp life, we decided that purchasing something in the Cayman Landing area would fit us great as it gives us the feeling up camping with the amenities of lake life.

What are you looking forward to most living here:  Unfortunately we are unable to live in Treasure Lake due to my employment having residence requirements, however we are looking forward to making memories with our children here at TL.  Our children love being out on the boat along with playing on the beach and the wonderful playgrounds throughout.  We are also looking forward to making new friends with those that reside and stay in TL.  So far we have met some wonderful people and look forward to meeting more.

Kate and I are very community oriented with volunteering on several boards and organizations.  Even though we do not reside in TL, we look forward to being able to help or assist in any way possible.

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