Anita Todd Awarded Treasure Lake Community Member of the Year 2019

Winner of the Treasure Lake Community Member of the Year, Anita Todd, holding her award crafted by local resident Rosemary Vogel.

The first annual Treasure Lake Community Member of the Year was awarded yesterday to resident Anita Todd at her home on Bimini Lake. Nominated by Jackie Small, Anita was selected by committee based on her past and continued support of the Treasure Lake community.

“She is a very enthusiastic, upbeat person with a very positive attitude about life and Treasure Lake. She values family and is a friend to many,” wrote Jackie in her nomination application. “From the time she moved here a few years ago, she has been active in the community. She is always aware of happenings in Treasure Lake and posts them so others will get involved.”

Anita and her husband Doug are four year residents of Treasure Lake and both serve on local committees. Anita is the chair of the Treasure Lake recreation committee, and also serves with the Treasure Lake Ladies of the Lake Club and Community Improvement Club, as well as the Treasure Lake Women’s Golf Association.

Community Member of the Year Award created by Rosemary Vogel

Sponsored by The Lake News, the purpose of the Community Member of the Year Award is to celebrate and recognize individuals whose volunteerism and outstanding service and dedication, compassion and selflessness have made a significant contribution to the Treasure Lake community.

The award was crafted and donated by Treasure Lake artisan, Rosemary Vogel, who crafted a stained glass replica of the Community Member of the Year logo.

When presented with the award, Anita said, “Thank you so much. I am so grateful and this is so beautiful.”

Congratulations Anita!


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