TL Nine Holer Results

The TL Nine Hole Ladies played a Shamble today. In this game, all players tee off, the best drive is chosen, and then each golfer plays her own ball from that point. It’s a simple, enjoyable game that moves along fairly quickly.

Muggy. That’s how I describe today’s round. But there was good roll on the fairways! Scores were pretty consistent with handicaps factored in. The top two scores were posted by Molly Bullers, 27, and Cathy Boylan, 31.  Everyone else landed in the mid-30s to low-40s. Good games for all!

Also, a lady’s Square Two 7 iron was found on Hole #6. Contact Carol Prance if you know to whom it belongs; she has it.

Next week – 2 BB, Four Pearson Team. Have a great week!

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