Sandy Township Police Report

July 29, 2019

A tractor trailer driven by a 28-year-old Springfield, MA man struck a curb while pulling out of the Falls Creek Sheetz onto Rich Highway, causing it to get stuck.  Two tow trucks were on scene to assist pulling the truck from the concrete curb to prevent it from hitting a utility pole. Once freed the truck was driven from the scene.  

A 36 year old DuBois man lost control of his vehicle on Clear Run Road when his tire came off the rim after he swerved to miss a deer.  The vehicle ran off the road and came to rest in a wooded area. No injuries reported.

July 30, 2019

A Highland Street Extension resident reported that her 2 year old Great Dane and 2 puppies ran off.  She later reported the 2 year old returned home, but they are still looking for the puppies.  

A resident reported that a 20 year old retail employee came to her house in the guise of dropping off a sales flyer, the day after she was in the store, and he had asked her to confirm her address for their records.  The retail establishment was made aware of the incident and is handling it internally.  

Officers dealt with a 73 year old Florida man who was loitering in Napolies and the VA Clinic.  The man was traveling and was staying in his car. Officers handled the situation without incident.  

A pick-up driver reported that while he was parked and sleeping in his vehicle in the Pilot parking lot, his truck was hit by a tractor trailer while it was attempting to back into a parking spot next to him.  The tractor trailer driver denied hitting the pick-up until damage to his truck was pointed out. Officers handled the situation without incident.

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