GM Update – Grant and Fundraising TL Helicopter Ball Drop

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience on Saturday Aug 3rd as we waited for the fog to lift over the Cresson Mountain ridge so that the helicopter could make its way to us for our first-ever helicopter ball drop.  It was quite the spectacle!  Congratulations again to Pat Dinnigan for winning the raffle with ball# 1274 which landed 56″ from the pin, winning for “closest to the pin”.  Even cooler, Pat was in the crowd of witnesses for the event at Lakeview Lodge.  For full transparency, Pat’s winnings were based on the following:

– 291 individual balls sold ($20/ball = $5,820) & 462 balls sold (6 balls/$100 = $7,700) = 753 total balls sold, generating $13,520 for the raffle x 5% (closest to the pin) = $676 payout to the winner.

A special thanks to the Grant & Fundraising Committee for their great planning & execution.  On the committee were, Annette Fugate (chair), Lois Sweetland (for the idea), Patty King (for selling so many tickets!), Joyce Whaling, Sally Moran & JoAnn Zartman.  Also, a big shout out to Dan Lidco @ Pinebottom Aviation and to the Sandy Twp Fire Department for standing by in case we needed their ladder truck as backup in case of weather.  Thank you all!

At this time, I also want to recognize the very generous donations (over $1,000 each) made separately to the Grant & Fundraising account.  First, to Tim Loehr and Omni Management Services and the Whitaker family for donating nearly 2/3 the money needed to complete Phase I of the front gate remodel, which was already completed.  Next, I would like to thank Jim & Lois Sweetland along with Tony Viglione and family for their donations, in addition to covering the cost of the helicopter.  Without these early and generous donations, the front gate remodel would not have been completed so early, leading up to the raffle which was conducted on Aug 3rd.

I am still in search of more pictures from the boater’s perspective with the helicopter and LVL in the background.  Please send your best pics to

What are we going to do next?  Next comes the uplighting for the 13 trees planted a few months ago at the front gate.  We will do this while we explore about a dozen different grant options for hiking/biking/cross country trails.  Grants will obviously help tremendously so we need time to explore these options.  There are many more ideas to be considered and I will keep all posted as we make progress.

Lastly, I would like to thank every person who supported this effort by buying a raffle ticket (ball).  I promise that your contributions will be put to good use!

Ed Clark, General Manager

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