TL Nine Holer Results

On Tuesday the Ladies played a game called Pink Ball (in fact, the balls we used were orange, but I digress…). In this game each golfer plays her own ball, with exception that a colored ball will rotate through each member of the foursome through the round.  The only scores that are counted are those of the colored ball. One big catch: if a player loses the colored ball during the round, there is a 5 stroke penalty!  Sadly, one of the foursomes lost the ball more than once, which didn’t make them a fan of the game.

It was a lovely day, though, and the winning foursome enjoyed their round. Congratulations to Kathy Caracci, Carol Cromie, Sharon Hay and Linda Paul – they finished the round with an impressive score of 48!

Next week the ladies will play their own games with no special rules or colored balls.

If you’re interested in joining us (we have 3 more rounds this season!), contact me at 814-603-2708

Toni Clark-Moulthrop 

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