This Day in Treasure Lake August 1975 – DuBois Residents Host Summer Camp for Grandchildren

Reprinted from Treasure Chest September-October 1975

An arts and crafts class was conducted by Helen and DeVere Sheesley at their home at Treasure Lake, DuBois as part of the summer “Camp Honda” they conducted this year for their six grandchildren.
Photo by Christy Schweitzer

Helen and DeVere Sheesley, residents of Treasure Lake, DuBois, innovated a way to spend two enjoyable weeks with their grandchildren this summer by inviting them to “Camp Honda” at their Treasure Lake home. The grandkids range in age from eight to 12 years.

Plans for Camp Honda began last winter, when Mrs. Sheesley drafted and mailed formal applications for the two-week summer camp to the six oldest of the Sheesley’s ten grandchildren. Applications noted parents were welcome “on weekends only”.

“We feel that Treasure Lake has everything the kids could get anywhere else – fishing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, swimming, archery, tennis, golf, horseback riding and hiking,” Mrs. Sheesley explained. “We had only two rules – no pouting and the majority rules.”

Their camp schedule? “We rose at 9am for breakfast, followed by camp inspection. We checked that the beds and “dormitory” rooms of the children were in order. Then we had sports, lunch, a rest period, handcrafts, free time and diner at McDonalds.

“We took advantage of the tennis and golf clinics held at the Lake this summer, also, every evening we had a campfire and sand songs. We had snacks at 10pm and “lights out” at 10:30pm. Each Saturday, the parents were invited to see a skit produced by the children.”

The Sheesley’s believe their camp was a success, since the grandchildren already want to know when to expect their applications for next year.

The Sheesley’s grandchildren who attended the two-week “Camp Honda” were (l-r): Andrea Miller, Stewart Burnaman, Anne Burnaman, Sandra Miller, Chris Sheesley, and Bob Sheesley
Photo by Christy Schweitzer

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