This Day in Treasure Lake – DuBois Basic Water System Extended 11 Miles

Reprinted from the Treasure Chest Summer 1975


Sewer and Water – The 11-mile long water line extension to the Basic Water System has been completed at a cost of $35,000. These extensions make a total of 2,793 lots on existing water lines. Sewer lines service 1,094 lots at the present time.

Road Work Around Silver Golf Course – Production on the roads around the Silver Golf Course during April included cutting 7,750 feet of trees; burning 15,250 feet of trees; stumping and hauling 4,000 feet of stumps; cutting and grading 1,500 feet; and stoning 2,100 feet. Approximate cost of this work was $58,050. Approximate cost of work on these roads during May was $51,000.

Silver Golf Course – The irrigation system has been completed on the back nine and the ninth fairway on the front nine. Holes 10, 11, 12, and 13 have been seeded and mowed. Treasure Lake’s Construction Department will complete the Silver Course at an estimated total cost of $994,000.

Roads – A program for seal coating over five miles of Treasure Lake roads began in early June. Priority roads to be seal coated include parts of Treasure Lake, Carribean, Hastings, and Crooked Island. Estimated cost to apply a double seal coast, 18-feet wide, for portions of these roads is about $50,000.

Water Tap-Ins – Treasure Lake forces currently are making water tap-ins on homes adjacent to the new water lines.

Environmental Control House Plan Approval – 31 sets of house plans have been approved since January, 1975. 21 sets of plans were approved since mid-April, and five sets of plans are under review.

Water Line Testing – Water line testing is complete.

Sewer and Water System Tap-Ins – Treasure Lake crews completed sewer and water tap-ins on homes adjacent to the sewer system on June 1. Treasure Lake continues to make sewer tap-ins on homes adjacent to the central sewer and water system.

Sewage Holding Tanks – A new set of operating procedures concerning the pumping of sewage holding tanks have been instituted. Tanks will be pumped Monday through Friday during normal working hours and on Saturdays until noon. Tanks will not be pumped in the evenings or between Saturday noon and Monday morning. Service is guaranteed by notification prior to noon on any given day. A $25 fee is assessed to answer any emergency pumping calls during these off hours. Payment can be arranged annually or quarterly in advance.

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