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August 29, 2019

The following information was included in Monday’s GM Report at the 8/26 Board of Directors meeting along with many other additional notes:

1. The Omni Management Service contract is currently in negotiations, completion expected by Oct 30th

2. The lease agreement with Bluewater Management Group is officially terminated

3. Aqua water line replacement starting Sept 2nd. Roads: Dominica Rd & ½ of Point D’Enfer. To complete mid/end October

4. Paving is expected to begin Sept 16th. Treasure Lake Rd is 1st to start, beginning 1/3 mile north of Chalky Lane (near boat launch) and ends at Bay Road. Anguilla Road: Caribbean Road and ends approximately 560 feet west of Settlement Point Road. Caribbean Road: Bay Road and ends at Anguilla Road. A single lane of travel will be maintained through the work limits with traffic control provided.

5. Pirates Cove: We are still working to open Pirates Cove, but continue to have major setbacks with attracting and retaining cooks. We have adjusted wages already but we continue to struggle. If you know of anyone, please send them our way while we continue to solve the issue.

6. Ski Lodge: We continue discussions for options to re-open the Ski Lodge. We have received multiple proposals, and expect some revisions and hopefully some additional proposals. Make no mistake, if I can do one thing at Treasure Lake, it will be to re-open the Ski Lodge!

7. Front Gate: The tree lights are coming soon, thanks to the efforts by the Grant & Fundraising Committee. We will also be replacing the aging fountain that has officially broken for good in the pond. I would also like to thank the Community Improvement Club for volunteering again, this time to clean up the island/peninsula at the front gate. I thank you again!

8. KOA:

a. The KOA Quality Team visited the campground on Aug 2nd/3rd. The campground received a score of 534 out of 600. This was 50 points higher than the 2018 score of 484. Point items can still be awarded for items corrected before September 30th. We are confident that we can improve our score to (or very close to) 595 out of 600.

b. Golf carts are being rented to cabin renters as a recommendation from the KOA Quality Team to stem negative reviews regarding cabin distance from KOA amenities.

c. An RFP for sewer will be going out this week that will provide 16 full hook-up RV sites.

d. Stats: Campground Site revenue is up 26% YTD from $42,361 to $53,550. Campground Profit/(Loss) is up 203% YTD from a loss of $64,466 to a loss of $21,261. Cabin revenue is up 40% YTD from $30,360 to $41,847. Cabin Profit/(Loss) is up 309% YTD from a loss of $5,705 to a profit of $11,918

9. Golf:

a. Stay ‘N Play golfers up from 1155 (2018) to 1214 (8/26/19) which is 5% growth <<20 additional golfers were added by 8/28>>

b. Pro shop retail sales are up 18%, mostly due to the growth of both Stay ‘N Play as well as the additional 80 new golf members.

c. September 23rd is the first day of Fall and the start of some great Fall Golf Rates. Property Owners can enjoy 18 holes with cart for only $25 weekday and $30 on weekends.

d. The Gold course will close on October 7th and will be aerified after it closes. The Silver close is currently scheduled for aerification during the week of October 21st, weather permitting.

10. Security:

a. Traffic citations were up 79% in July compared to last year. Please slow down for the safety of all on the roads.  If you would like to volunteer your driveway for Security to use, please email

b. We are currently doing a full assessment of all security cameras at Treasure Lake. This is being conducted by POA management, Security and the Safety & Security Committee. In the July Board meeting, there was a property owner comment of concern regarding the Marina security cameras. I have confirmed that there are four (4) fully operational cameras at the Marina but note there is some room for improvement, which is currently the action being taken.

11. Poolside: The pizza oven was replaced. The lead time was longer than expected but it was finally received and installed last week.

12. Duffers: We have the NFL ticket, get ready for some football! Also check out the new football themed menus available Mondays, Thursdays & Sundays.

13. Lake & Stormwater Management: While we have been continually addressing these issues, the Board has just approved the purchase of a mini-excavator. This will dramatically improve our efficiency as we address many of these issues.

14. Insurance Premiums: I would like everyone to understand that past legal actions against the POA have negatively affected all property owners in the form of increased insurance costs to the POA. Recently, one provider dropped our coverage all-together and after shopping around, the best policy that we could purchase had a premium cost over 30% higher.

15. Property Control:

a. Please be sure to get your permits (lot improvements, tree removal, etc.). Permits are available at the TLPOA Office on online <HERE>. For your convenience, applications can be mailed, emailed or faxed.

b. Properties should be properly identified with 911 address numbers that are clearly visible from the road, day or night. This includes Cayman Landing, where the 911 number corresponds with the lot number.

c. Ditches & culvert pipes need to be clean and clear of debris at or adjacent to your property. It is essential to maintain for proper water flow.

16. Coal: P&N Coal Co. plans to update the POA in Sept as to the future of the mining project

17. The Safety & Security Committee will review the language in Policy S-8 regarding the 9.9 horsepower restrictions on Bimini Lake

18. Parking lot line painting of the parking lots will be happening soon. We are just waiting for the final quotes to be submitted.

19. I hope everyone enjoys Paddlefest this weekend. Kudos to Anita and the Rec Committee! I would like to add that by next season, we will be installing a kayak launch to test at Bimini to assist boaters in entering/exiting the lake.

20. Sad to say but the end of the season is here. We will close the season with our annual End of Summer Bash, car show and concert on Sunday September 1st. This year’s concert will feature Blue Morning, Foreigner cover band along with Karaoke and great food. Advanced tickets are available at the POA office and Poolside for $15 or at the gate on Sunday for $20.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Ed Clark, General Manager

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  1. Thanks Ed …excellent info . Really appreciate it …answered many questions that I had .

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