This Day in Treasure Lake Oct 1979 – Chief Tom Cuff on Security

Reprinted from FOCUS on Treasure Lake Living Dec 1979

October 1979

  • Hours of patrol …744
  • Hours of duty at main gate …744
  • Hour of duty at rear gate …243
  • Incident responses …43
  • Complaints investigated …24
  • Miles patrolled …4,059
  • Residential checks …1,412
  • Property checks …414

The young people behaved extremely well during the halloween period. There was not one complaint that related directly to halloween pranks, in fact during the month of October 1979, there was not one incident that would relate to the young people at Treasure Lake as being involved.

The Security Detail distributed 150 bags of treats to the children in the community. This was to help make up for the fact there is no trick or treat permitted.

One major problem still exists and that is throwing beer cans, bottles and other trash along the roads. This not only contributes to a dangerous situation, but distracts from the beautiful scenery at Treasure Lake. It is apparent that the litterbugs are in the minority and if they would drop their beer cans, bottles, pizza boxes, etc. in the trash barrel at the front gate, it would save the property owners a considerable amount of money. The officer at the front gate will permit the deposit of the above mentioned items. The cooperation of all will be appreciated by all residents of Treasure Lake.

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