This Day in Treasure Lake History Dec 1979 – Board Members Go Door to Door

Reprinted from FOCUS On Treasure Lake Living December 1979

TLPOA Board Members are telling us “they care” as they are attempting to contact all TL residents through personal visitations, where possible, by Public Relations Committee members. The purpose of these visits is to provide them with information pertinent to the area, to hear possible problems that may be associated with Treasure Lake Living, to determine the number of residents, the number of children and their general interests.

Through compilation of such information it is hoped to solve problems and provide possible changes or additions in regard to matters entrusted to the Board.

Whether Board members or committee members, the persons making these contacts are doing so on a voluntary basis by request of the Board.

Your cooperation will be much appreciated in joining them in their efforts to make the community a better place in which to live.

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