This Day in Treasure Lake April 1976 – DuBois POA Assumes Ownership of Beaches, Other Facilities

The property Owners Association of Treasure Lake, DuBois assumed ownership of various structures and land at the DuBois development in an agreement approved at the April 24, 1976 POA board meeting.

The land and facilities includes the entire New Providence Beach Complex, snack bar and bathhouse, and all other beaches except Barbados; Capt. Kidd Park Complex, including swimming pool, bathhouse, tennis courts and parking lot; the ice skating rink/basketball court complex near the Ski Lodge; the Firehouse Building; the Security Office Building; and the front and rear Security Gatehouses.

The POA will appoint chairmen to various committees being set up to supervise operation of these facilities. Reservations for use of the New Providence Beach Complex are being taken through the Security Department in conjunction with the POA Property Committee.

For further information, property owners may now contact J.E. (Woody) Booth, POA Property Manager, by calling (814) 371-0711 or writing in care of: Treasure Lake of Pennsylvania Property Owners Association, Box 13, R.D. 2, DuBois, Pa. 15801.

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